Our Teams are here to make sure that YOU are happy. We are glad to share our 20+ years of experience in the salvage auction industry, and we work to make sure that you get the right answer to your question - any question! Our five teams of professionals are here for serving your needs.


They are here because of you. Comprised of multi-language and multi-cultural individuals and inspired by RideSafely values, the team delivers meaningful solutions to your requests. The team is available by phone, email or by posting a question on the blog (link to page where people can post questions); all included as a FREE service to you.


Consisting of vehicle enthusiasts and industry professionals, they combine more than 20 years of experience to analyze inventories, highlight recommended deals and provide you with pre-qualified inventory that meets your needs. Not sure what vehicle to buy? Not sure how much to pay? Not sure how to register? Don’t know how to estimate the repair? JUST ASK US! The top priority of the team is to deliver meaningful information to you so that you can make the best decision!


Let us work for you! With 320,000 international clients and 480,000 U.S clients, RideSafely has offices worldwide and is able to handle a highly diverse assortment of questions and requests. We acknowledge that each client has specific needs and requests and we are committed to support those needs with our Customer Concierge Team. Each unique request will be transferred to the Concierge Team, processed by our professionals and communicated personally to the client. We respect your time. We will work for and with you!


Those are people who love technology and simplicity. Day and night they work to ensure smooth and friendly operations of RideSafely’s online infrastructure. RideSafely believes that you deserve the best user experience and the developer team uses the most advanced technologies to create the most usable functionality and simple interface.


New initiatives are a must in a dynamic business environment. Consistently watching the industry and its’ players, the business strategy team makes sure that we offer the best possible services to our clients, at the most competitive and transparent price. We are continually striving to be the BEST digital broker, period. Check back often to experience all that RideSafely has to offer!