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Why Buy With RIDESAFELY is a pioneer in the used and salvage car auto auction industry, creating meaningful and lasting connections between millions of car buyers and sellers in the country. With an experience of over 20 years, empowers its customers with valuable resources that enable them to make informed buying decisions. offers the most popular car brands in the country, including Ford, BMW, Toyota, Jaguar, Audi, Tesla, Chrysler and more. Instead of waiting to bid on these cars, you can now buy them at the price listed.

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300,000+ USA VEHICLES has one of the biggest and most diverse inventories of used and salvage cars in the United States. With over 75,000 vehicles on auction, we have something for everyone, be it the early classics, late models cars, motorbikes, trucks, RVs, buses and more.


MOST AFFORDABLE PRICES has the guaranteed lowest “Buy Now” prices on the internet. We allow anyone to participate in our auctions and buy low-priced vehicles from wholesalers, franchise dealers, banks and insurance companies through our centralized site. Our vehicles may be priced low but we guarantee you will get the best value for your money.

THE LOWEST FEE / NO FEES ON SELECT VEHICLES offers the highest quality level in the industry for the same or lower price of its competition. We offer the most experienced car auction brokers for your service and require only a flat rate of $299 or lower transaction fee and $150 documentation fee. Do check our fee calculator to ensure you are getting the best deal in the market. What’s more, bidders can also save money on select vehicle purchases because we do not ask you to pay fees on these listings.


CONCIERGE SERVICES understands that each of its clients has unique needs when it comes to car purchase. We have over 480,000 U.S. clients and 320,000 international clients and our offices are available worldwide to help you with your diverse needs. Our customer concierge team will help you along the way. Each request from our valued customers will be transferred to this dedicated team of customer service professionals, who will process the request and communicate personally with the client.


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TEAMS has a team of multi-lingual individuals to help out interested buyers from all cultural backgrounds. You can contact the team to walk you through the entire process via phone, email or online chat. These services are absolutely free.

If you have any questions about what sort of car you should buy, how much you should pay or how much repair would cost, our analytics team is here for you. Comprising car industry professionals, they can offer you the best deals and provide you with prequalified inventory customized to your specific need.



Did you realize something you needed to ask in the dead of the night? Just go to our website and our 24/7 live chat support will be available to answer any of your queries, no matter what time it is or where you are. has evolved into one of the biggest car auction platforms. Through our thousands of vehicle listings, competitive pricing, qualified auto industry professionals and vehicles that bring you value for money, is revolutionizing the auto auction experience.