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Buy Cars from Auto Auctions

Since 2002, RideSafely has been the consumer's choice for purchasing vehicles at prices that have traditionally only been available to wholesale auto dealers.

RideSafely brings you the greatest selection of clean and salvage vehicles DIRECTLY from car auctions in the U.S. and abroad. By consolidating vehicles from hundreds of car auctions on one site, our car finder makes it easy for you to locate the best deals on used cars; premium, low end, slightly damaged and rebuildable vehicles. At RideSafely, it's easy to become a member and to begin a car buying experience that is traditionally only available to licensed, wholesale auto dealers. You will be amazed with the car deals and savings when buying WHOLESALE. Our car finder offers you a huge selection of vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, tractor trailers and more.

RideSafely is YOUR wholesale auto broker who walks you through the buying experience and assists with every step of the transaction from bidding to vehicle delivery. Consumers, auto body shops, auto garages, salvage yards, trucking companies, auto glass and muffler shops are just some examples of car-buying customers who typically would not be eligible to buy from these wholesale auto auctions without the assistance of RideSafely. We bring these great car deals to our members.

Find vehicles from online car auctions including insurance auto auctions and salvage auto auctions. No dealer license is required when you buy from these auctions through RideSafely.

We offer our customers an updated inventory that adds:

The largest selection of vehicles.

Each week, we list more than 60,000 fresh car auction listings. Our site represents 700+ car auction locations in the United States and abroad. Our car finder enables you to sort through our massive inventory of used cars and quickly locate your vehicle of choice.

Used cars at wholesale auto prices.

Our site enables consumers to participate in wholesale auto auctions and to purchase vehicles from various insurance companies, banks, leasing companies, wholesalers, fleets and car dealers at wholesale prices.

No dealer license required to get great car deals.

Because the automotive industry is heavily regulated to protect the wholesale marketplace for car dealers, only licensed car dealers are qualified to attend wholesale auto auctions. Our site extends that capability beyond licensed car dealers and licensed vehicle recyclers to all consumers. That is how we provide our members with the best car deals.

Technology you can trust.

RideSafely's vehicle brokerage service is utilized by more than 1 million valued members. Our trusted platform allows RideSafely to sustain leading positions in the market. Since 2007, RideSafely is continuously listed among the Top 500 fastest growing companies in the USA.

Best-in-Class customer service.

Our multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, German) Customer Service representatives are dedicated to providing you with a top-notch buying experience.

Transportation services.

To meet the needs of our members globally, we offer competitive transportation services domestically, internationally and to most major seaports around the world; with one click, you will get an INSTANT and GUARANTEED quote!