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Established in 2002, RideSafely has emerged as the go-to choice for discerning consumers keen on securing vehicles at prices previously reserved for wholesale auto dealers.

With RideSafely, you gain direct access to an expansive array of clean and salvage vehicles sourced straight from auto auctions within the United States of America. We've integrated vehicles from myriad car auctions into one comprehensive platform, enabling you to seamlessly identify the most competitive deals on used cars —ranging from pristine models to those slightly damaged or suitable for rebuilding.Registering with RideSafely ushers you into a privileged car - buying arena, once exclusively available to licensed, wholesale auto dealers.Discover the exhilarating potential of WHOLESALE prices and the myriad vehicles at your fingertips, including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, tractor - trailers, RVs, and beyond.

Think of RideSafely as your dedicated wholesale auto consultant, guiding you through the entire purchase process—from bidding to seamless vehicle delivery. We've democratized access, enabling a broad spectrum of consumers—including auto body shops, salvage yards, trucking companies, and even muffler shops—to tap into wholesale auto auctions, a realm they wouldn't have access to without our intervention.

But our journey hasn't just been about providing access to great deals. It's been about building trust, fostering relationships, and ensuring a seamless buying experience. Our longevity in the industry isn't just a testament to our business model; it's a reflection of the countless customers we've served and the trust we've cultivated over the years.

Explore a vast selection of vehicles from trusted online car auctions , including insurance and salvage auto auctions . With RideSafely, you don't need a dealer license to benefit from these auctions.

RideSafely's Unparalleled Offerings

  • Extensive Vehicle Selection
    Each week, RideSafely showcases over 120,000 fresh car auction listings from over 700 auction sites throughout the United States. Harness our sophisticated car finder tool to seamlessly pinpoint your dream vehicle.
  • Instant Purchase Options
    Can't wait for auction outcomes? RideSafely offers a diverse range of instant 'Buy Now' vehicles, allowing you to secure your chosen vehicle without engaging in bid wars.
  • Free Access
    Dive into the world of car auctions with RideSafely, offering open access without the constraints of membership fees.
  • Unbeatable Wholesale Prices
    At RideSafely, we've democratized access to the exclusive world of wholesale auto auctions. Now, you can acquire vehicles from renowned sources such as insurance agencies, banks, leasing firms, and more, all at unbeatable wholesale prices.
  • No Dealer License, No Problem
    Historically, the privilege of attending wholesale auto auctions was reserved for licensed dealers. We've redefined this norm, granting our members direct access to some of the market's best car deals.
  • Trusted Technology
    Our platform, trusted by over a million members, showcases our commitment to excellence and reliability in the vehicle brokerage realm. Furthermore, RideSafely's consistent ranking among the Top 500 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. since 2007 speaks volumes about our dedication.
  • Top-Tier Customer Service
    Our dedicated, multi-lingual customer service team—proficient in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, and German—aims to elevate your car-buying experience, ensuring it's seamless and memorable.
  • Comprehensive Transportation Services
    To meet the diverse needs of our worldwide customer base, we offer competitive transportation solutions, both domestically and abroad. And with a single click, you can access transparent, instant quotes. Discover a world of automotive treasures with RideSafely!